Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A family Wedding - The Photographers perspective

I thought I would share with you all, a very special day. Paula Staurt's wedding. Now as we all know, weddings are very personal affairs, each planned with meticulous detail. Each detail is planned to the nth degree. Flowers to dresses, dresses to photographers....taking a bow....this is my cue to open my mouth and ask that question...'have you sorted a photographer or shall I throw my kit in the boot?'

For anyone who knows my sister, you will know that she is terrified of cameras. It has taken years of me forcing her, much to her dismay, into situations where she has to have the odd snap. I think the first time I left her no option, was probably our Dad's 70th birthday. An all important memory captured in a flash....Dad and his five girls.

Beyond this I took advantage of her by offering to take some promotional  photos of her for her bear making business.  Take a look....she makes fab cuddlies!

As with every wedding, the minute I am booked, I set about planning my approach to the day. With Paula, this started with me popping down to Kent for a bit of sister/camera bonding.  I was determined she would make friends with my best friend Nikon.

We had such a fab day, plenty of laughs, loads of chat ( even when taking the photos PAULA!)  It's a nervous thing she does....very funny but can prove a tad challenging lol.
Here are a few favourites from our day.
     The terrified              My Sister!                    The Model

Never mind my naughty little sister.....what about my naughty big one!

The weather was great, the location perfect and all in all, we had a lovely time.  I even think by the end of the day she was beginning to make friend with my Nikon buddy.
Back to the wedding.  Of course I was chuffed to bits to be photographer for the day.  Would I have loved to have a day off....probably.  But certainly not at the expense of her not having a photographer....and she wouldn't.
So what does the photographer, who is on the all important invite, wear for the day?  Usually I would opt for a functional suit with black smart trainers and full camera holster or double black rapid strap.  I say usually as trainers and trousers were not on the invited list.
A lot of thought had to go into the perfect wedding outfit, and with my partner in crime Lynda ( one of my younger sisters) we hit West Quay in style.  She is so much like me its scary.  Together we plotted the perfect outfit....or a close too as we could get.  Anyone who know me, knows floaty frock is not in my vocabulary so I reckon we did pretty good in the circumstances.

 The all important shoes

No photographer should have to teeter around on heels whilst working....not sure what Lyns excuse is lol.
The same amount of equipment carried, just not quite so easily accesible on the day.  Ian, as always, was my bag man.  My second camera was handed to who ever was standing close by at the time.  New challenges for the day included....how does the photographer join in the family photographs?  Simple....set the camera, hand it to a willing person and check VERY carefully after the photograph has been taken.....heads and feet are imprtant after all!
Proof that it can be done..
Meet my Mum and my Sisters.  I love this photo.
So what about when everyone is in a photo....10 second timer....then RUN!
OK, enough about the photographer, time to share some of those all important images from the day.  I hope you enjoy your insight into my personal world.
My handsome Nephew
The deed is done

Congratualtions to you both x
A note from the photographer.  It seems that when it comes to choosing the right images from your sisters special day, objectivity gets thrown out of the window.  How on earther is the photographer supposed to send her own family into the recycling bin!
Two days editing, one VERY numb bum later has ensured that if any other members of her family decide to tie the knot....you may just get deleted.  This photographer needs to get ruthless lol.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Little Leavers - 2012 Pre School Graduates

Many of you will know that this year, with slight trepidation, we launched out new 'Little Leavers' Service for pre schools......who could have ever realised it would prove so popular.  This year we made the concious decision to offer the service to our existing clients only.  I am really happy to say, out of those who recieved the option, most decided to give it a go and see how it was recieved by the parents. 

Now we all know that most children love to dress up.  After photographing my first set of leavers, it became very apparent that dressing up as Cinderella and Superman, is a far more appealing to kids that dress up in my gowns!  How to tackle this dilema?  Enter my helper 'Mr Dinosaur'

By my second nursery, I had decided on a different approach.  With the permission of the nurseries, Mr Dino and I, armed with my dressing up box, headed to off to meet our models on their own classroom.  It has been a fair few year since I have had to sit on a tiny chair with all the little pre schoolers sitting down on a mat....waiting to see what I was going to say.

Out of the box pops Mr Dinosaur, but my trusty friend has one this missing, he needs a name......and I have to say kids come up with the most odd names when put on the spot!  Dr Dinosaur, Danny the Dinosaur, Rosie are but a few of them.  My special helper then proudly shows off his very important clothes to his audience and tops it off by showing his very special stickers....BINGO!  One willing audience.  Graduation gowns and hats are now pretty cool.  After waving goodbye and heading back to my camera, I can then wait for my little models to arrive ready for their photographs. 

Most schools opted for the traditonal gowns, but a couple asked if I could also photograph the children in their school shirts....which worked out lovely!

The end of the school year has now passed, and it dawned on me that I hadn't shared any of the images that have now become a special little piece of future history for each family.


To all my Little Leavers, good luck in your new schools and thank you for being such super models accross the years.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A little sneek preview, Meet Jamie

Today was my first booking in my shiny new studio.....and I do have to admit I have been a tiny bit excited about it.  After many years of total disruption to my dining room, it has been a real treat to have a little space to move around in....offering me the chance to change lighting and backdrops with relative ease.

I first met Jamie when he was about 4 months old.....he visited me in my dining room for a 'throw it all up' session.  I thought it might be lovely for you to see what an absolute smasher he is growing up to be.  Scuse the early pics.....it has also been lovely to look back and to see how my photography has progressed!
4 Months

9 Months

18 months ish

3 yrs

Jamie Today

It has been lovely watching Jamie Grow, I hope he continues to visit me for many years to come.  Thanks Karen for kindly allowing me to share Jamie's photos

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Studio Testing 1

Our shiny new studio is nearly ready to be opened....I say nearly, as there are just one or two tiny little jobs left to do.  But i couldn't resit dragging my poor ol Mum into the studio to see if it did what it says on the tin.
Now, I have to confess, we were not out for beautiful photos on this occasion....more just a few snaps to see how we could control the light.  Great fun so I thought I would show you just a couple of snaps from the session.

White background....are very rare photo of me and Mum

Black background....one light

Black background....two lights

Black background .....two lights but one on background....oh yes.....Mum being Mum

Thanks for your help Mum....always great to have an impromptue session.

I am now looking forward to furthering my studio portfolio....watch this space! 

Compton Acres

This weekend I have had the pleasure of visiting Compton Acres in Poole with my Mum.  We had planned to visit on Saturday, but as we all know, Saturdays weather was not the best to be plodding around gardens.  Sunday proved much nicer so, armed with our cameras and a couple of lenses, we headed off.  I usually find myself photographing everything, but, on this occasion I was far more restrained.....although I have to admit to not being able to help myself when we walked into the stunning Italian Garden.

I loved the Water and Rock gardens....although negotiating the windy paths with a camera a tripod was a tad challenging.

The Japanese garden was a joy....however, the sun came out and my shot was ruined........so I am keeping it to myself lol.

If you would like to visit these stunning gardens, here's a link to suss it out before your travels.
In my opinion, worth every penny of the £6.95

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