Monday, 11 June 2012

A birthday wander around Lacock ... The home to photography

Many years ago, whilst studying photography at college, we were invited on a trip to Lacock to visit Fox Talbots home. A few years have passed... And to be honest, I couldn't really remember much about the place other than to say.... It was lovely!
My Mum was visiting for my birthday so, rather than sit around watching the world go by, we packed up our cameras and headed in the direction of Lacock Abbey. I thought I would share a few of my 'snapping with seems not all photographs have to involve children although, this was a challenge in itself as the local school carry out a scarecrow hunt and there were hundreds of people in the tiny villiage.

Did I mention my birthday was on Jubilee weekend?  We apparently there are benefits of getting out on about on this paticualr weekend....the burgers were fab!

Apparently, this is moses.....although I do have to say, looks much more like Dumbledore to me!
We had a lovely day, filled with burgers, ice creams ( I blame Mother for having TWO!) and good company.
I hope you enjoys looking through my wanderings.

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