Sunday, 15 July 2012

Studio Testing 1

Our shiny new studio is nearly ready to be opened....I say nearly, as there are just one or two tiny little jobs left to do.  But i couldn't resit dragging my poor ol Mum into the studio to see if it did what it says on the tin.
Now, I have to confess, we were not out for beautiful photos on this occasion....more just a few snaps to see how we could control the light.  Great fun so I thought I would show you just a couple of snaps from the session.

White background....are very rare photo of me and Mum

Black light

Black background....two lights

Black background .....two lights but one on background....oh yes.....Mum being Mum

Thanks for your help Mum....always great to have an impromptue session.

I am now looking forward to furthering my studio this space! 

Compton Acres

This weekend I have had the pleasure of visiting Compton Acres in Poole with my Mum.  We had planned to visit on Saturday, but as we all know, Saturdays weather was not the best to be plodding around gardens.  Sunday proved much nicer so, armed with our cameras and a couple of lenses, we headed off.  I usually find myself photographing everything, but, on this occasion I was far more restrained.....although I have to admit to not being able to help myself when we walked into the stunning Italian Garden.

I loved the Water and Rock gardens....although negotiating the windy paths with a camera a tripod was a tad challenging.

The Japanese garden was a joy....however, the sun came out and my shot was I am keeping it to myself lol.

If you would like to visit these stunning gardens, here's a link to suss it out before your travels.
In my opinion, worth every penny of the £6.95

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Blogging at its worst

I usually enjoy blogging....but today is an exception!  As you may have noticed, my blog is looking a little sparce.  This was not an intentional thing...but I found that something had gobble up every last image...right back to 2008!

On further investigation, it became apparent that it is easily done if you have google plus.  I recently signed up....then deleted the account.  Unfortunately, by doing this, you delete ALL you images grrrr.

I have therefore decided to give me blog an entire overhaul.

Please bear with me whilst I try and update with some newer work.

The Queens Jubilee

The Queen's Jubilee may have now passed, but I just thought I would pop in to share with you some of the images taken at a local school.  As it was jubilee weekend, this particular school were holding a red white and blue day to celebrate.

My usual pre school shoot phone call was made the previous moring, and I have to admit to being caught on the hop a little when I asked if I could bring along some jubilee props to mark this special occasion.  A quick whizz into town, mixed with the childrens own special artwork, and we were ready to make the children some photographic memories to look back on in future years.

Thank you to all the Mums & Dads who kindly signed their model releases to allow me to publish a few of the photographs from the day

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