Sunday, 15 July 2012

Compton Acres

This weekend I have had the pleasure of visiting Compton Acres in Poole with my Mum.  We had planned to visit on Saturday, but as we all know, Saturdays weather was not the best to be plodding around gardens.  Sunday proved much nicer so, armed with our cameras and a couple of lenses, we headed off.  I usually find myself photographing everything, but, on this occasion I was far more restrained.....although I have to admit to not being able to help myself when we walked into the stunning Italian Garden.

I loved the Water and Rock gardens....although negotiating the windy paths with a camera a tripod was a tad challenging.

The Japanese garden was a joy....however, the sun came out and my shot was I am keeping it to myself lol.

If you would like to visit these stunning gardens, here's a link to suss it out before your travels.
In my opinion, worth every penny of the £6.95

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