Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A little sneek preview, Meet Jamie

Today was my first booking in my shiny new studio.....and I do have to admit I have been a tiny bit excited about it.  After many years of total disruption to my dining room, it has been a real treat to have a little space to move around in....offering me the chance to change lighting and backdrops with relative ease.

I first met Jamie when he was about 4 months old.....he visited me in my dining room for a 'throw it all up' session.  I thought it might be lovely for you to see what an absolute smasher he is growing up to be.  Scuse the early pics.....it has also been lovely to look back and to see how my photography has progressed!
4 Months

9 Months

18 months ish

3 yrs

Jamie Today

It has been lovely watching Jamie Grow, I hope he continues to visit me for many years to come.  Thanks Karen for kindly allowing me to share Jamie's photos


Ali TD said...

Beautiful model and beautiful photographs xx

Lynda said...

What a gorgeous young man. Lovely photos Tina as always xx

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