Monday, 17 June 2013

Pet Photography Day Prep

I think I must be mad!  After recently having our new Cockapoo Pup join our family, many people have started to ask if I do pet photography.  Well, I didn't but in now seems that I will be doing so.
With this in mind, I thought I had better get some advertising material together so set about borrowing friends and family pets to see if I could get to grips with this new genre.  The only word that comes close to describing pet photography in my studio is 'CHAOS'

Meet Saxon.

Saxon, five months old and a total law abiding citizen following instruction perfectly.

 Meet Jessie

A bit quicker and a little less co-operative but cute none the less
 Lesson Learned - NEVER try to photograph two bouncy pups together!
Ok, so pet photography isn't an easy genre to say the least.  Lets throw some cute kitties in the mix.

An escapee kitty making a break for it!

It seems kittens tend to wander at will but really are great fun when their Mum isn't rounding them up just as to have the shot in your viewfinder.  Lesson learned - keep Mum close but don't let her ' collect' her babies to quickly.
Everyone loves a kitten but time to try some cats.
Not quite the pose I was going for
Cats are a lot easier than kitties that's for sure!
Which brings me to fathers day.....yesterday.  It is always lovely to spend time with family on special occasions so, in my wisdom, I thought I would ask my sister if I could borrow her three pooches for yet another trial session.  After all, we all know how dog lovers seem to 'collect' dogs so it is only reasonable to assume some clients would like more than one pooch photographed together.
Lynda has three large dogs, lovely, but all seem to have a mind of their own.  Luckily, my youngest sister also joined us and managed to throw a couple of words of wisdom in my direction, along with the promise of a helpful book......and was even on hand to point a light in the right direction.
I thought I would share a couple of my latest efforts with you.  Considering the chaos that reined, I have to admit I am rather chuffed with the results.

Meet Merlin - Our search and rescue hero


Saxon - Now 7 months


Kylah - The Loon of the crew

but I do have to say, on this occasion, the most obliging of the crazy canines.

And did I manage to get all three together?  Well, sort of.  Perhaps not the best photograph in the world but they are at least in the same frame.

 Many thanks guys for all your help and for allowing me to pooch play to my hearts content, and a special thanks to my Brother in Law for being my honorary pooch for setup purposes.
Yet another lesson learned - not all dogs are non shedding like mine so make sure I have the Dyson on standby and the mop and bucket handy.
Seems there is a new dog in town! ( pic courtesy of Lynda Hall Photography ;-)

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Lynda said...

Chaos?!! Surely not! They were all remarkably well behaved considering I thought ;) We were more than happy to oblige and bring them along- I've never known them so tired in the evening!! Thanks Tina, you've captured them perfectly xx

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