Thursday, 29 August 2013

Cake Smash - Babies First Birthday!

It's tough coming up with new ideas and it seems America is always WELL ahead of the game when it comes to photography.  With the fab studio space I now have, and my love of the little people, the challenge of cake smash is all to great to resit! This should give you the idea.
This image has been borrowed from an American Photographer called Life Cycle Images
Time to hit Google and research who supplies the cake.....parents or studio?  It seems this is a personal choice thing.  After all, some parents could be a whizz in the bakery department or want to purchase something very personal for their little birthday baby.
Forever wanting to keep the costs to a minimum, I thought I should venture in to the world of the giant cup cake.  Hours spent browsing pinterest soon taught me that there are some VERY clever people out there ( not me I should point out!)
Smash cakes come in all shapes and sizes, some with characters, some tall, some short but most have one thing in common....they can become VERY messy when left with a baby.
Next stop - The Giant Cupcake mould.  Mmmmmm, these once again come in different varieties, silicon or tin?  Hobbycraft made the choice for me and I am now the proud owner of a very fancy cupcake tin.
Recipes? - Facebook, oh wonderful facebook.  Throw out a random question.....boom, three recipes land in your inbox!
First Cupcake - Probably shouldn't disclose to much info on this one.  Apparently, if the oven is too hot, they go black.....that's fan assist for you!
Second Cupcake - Ah, thank you Helen for the link to Pink Whisk.  Fab site with great step by step instructions and a super light n fluffy sponge is born.
Looking good, nice colour, will it come out of the tin?
Now don't look at the soggy bit on the top, I made the mistake of reading that I should put that half the tin in water so it didn't cook faster than the other half......DONT!
Now for decoration......OMG, different coloured chocolate bases.  So many tutorials, all look easy.  Not sure how they all worked out they just ' pop out the tin' when set.  They also mention not to put in the fridge....yeh right!  So after it set in the's stuck like glue!  No hammering, pulling, tugging, melting will make it budge.  In desperation I threw it in the freezer and went to bed!
With renewed determination, first thing the following morning I flung open the freezer door and rescued the chocolate mould.  I gently popped my fingers inside and....POP!  out it came yeh!!!!
How I wished I hadn't bashed away at it quite so hard the night before as the cracks appeared.  Never mind, it was a test cake.....would a baby REALLY mind the odd crack!
Play time!  Out with the icing and a piping bag and hey presto!
Perhaps not quite as beautiful but I reckon it will meet the challenge of a smash session.  I should point out that all this practice has increased my waistline by 3lbs this week.  The tin should come with a health warning.  Keep you eyes peeled as I run a couple of test sessions over the coming couple of months.  I have been promised a date with my Ella, my Great Niece soon as her first birthday is fast looming.  I think I will hunt out a little boy model as well just to even things up! 
Photos heading this way soon x

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